Wednesday, May 29, 2013

writing these days

It seems that I do everything but write.  However, I've been poking with the plot of my YA novel, still trying to work out what's happening with my protagonist's attempt to solve the murder.  She's been procrastinating, too, I guess.
The play, "The Wolf and the Saint", has been getting a little more attention.  I'm trying to shorten it so it can be performed in about half an hour instead of requiring a full hour.  Hard to know what to cut and where.  No one said writing was easy--at least, no one who actually writes.

garden progress

I had hoped to finish sowing all the seeds in my vegetable plot, but the weather has been uncooperative.  It's still quite chilly and drizzly, so I'll wait a week or two before I finish that task.  Meanwhile, I slip over to the plot once in a while to pull a few weeds and inspect the growth of the beets, radishes, spinach & carrots.  I haven't seen any sign of the cucumbers I planted.  Hmm.  Maybe need a few more seeds in that area.
The flower beds are okay, except the "south" one which is really overgrown with weeds.  Haven't done anything with that except plant one clematis in the corner.  Have to rescue it soon from the weeds, and the morning glory has attached itself to the rose bush.  Just a tiny garden, but I still can't keep up with it.

End of May (almost)

I must be the worst blogger!  Here it is almost the end of May, and this is my first post of the month. 
It has been a very busy month, though.  I'm registrar (co-registrar, really) for the 2013 Provincial Convocation of Third Order Franciscans.  It was more time-consuming than I had anticipated, but very interesting and I had lots of help and support from other Franciscans.  I'm looking forward to putting faces to all the names I've been typing and sorting and re-typing for the past couple of months.  One more month to go and we'll all be together in Minnesota for a week.  I can hardly wait.
Maybe I'll actually take some pictures and post them here.  Haven't posted any new pictures for a long time.