Wednesday, September 30, 2009

busy as usual

So what has happened in the past two weeks plus since my last blog entry? Well, Sandman in Penticton sent me a certificate for one night free there. Anyone want it? I don't. We plan to go to Penticton in a couple of weeks, and have already booked our reservation at Super 8. They have a very nice swimming pool and free breakfast. And beds in every room!!!
September always brings me back to my volunteer jobs. I've got my Sunday School teaching schedule and have had one session already. (Usually only once a month, so my next time will be October 11th, I think. Is that a Sunday?) And I'm back at UBC farm. We had our orientation day with a potluck lunch. My favourite meal is always potluck! Next Wednesday will be our first day with the children. My third volunteer job is with the kindergarten. It usually doesn't start until the new year. And something new: I've got a couple of tutoring jobs. One takes me to North Vancouver three times a week, and the other will start soon at King Edward Campus, I suppose.
This means that sleeping late in the morning will likely happen only on the Wednesdays I don't go to the farm. Maybe the occasional Saturday that escapes being filled up. Thursday mornings, my hubby & I lead Morning Prayer at St. James.
So there you are--just in case you were wondering why I hadn't been blogging lately. I'm busy preparing ESL & Sunday School lessons, and trying to get some writing done in between times. And, I have to read the last Harry Potter book!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I sent an email to the editor at TouchWood Editions asking about the status of my manuscript, Angels in the Flames. I had intended to send this on Sept. 15th (an arbitrary date) but couldn't wait. It's scary to ask about the status of a manuscript. What if the editor takes that as a cue to simply reject it??? Very scary. Think nice positive thoughts!

Monday, September 7, 2009


On Saturday night we went to the Keg Restaurant at New Westminster Quay to celebrate Pam's 60th birthday (niece). We usually see these people only at weddings (seldom) or funerals (more often). It was nice to have a birthday for a change. Chatted with lots of relatives we wouldn't know if we saw them in a mall!

franciscan bbq

Yesterday afternoon we drove all the way to Langley for the summer barbecue at Marilynn's house. It's become an annual tradition. That means we've done it once or twice before. Unfortunately several people were missing. It was a bit rainy, but we just had the bbq indoors. Marilynn's hubby did the cooking out on the patio. The rain seemed to hold off while he was there, and just started sprinkling when he got to the end. Always great to see these people and swap stories: this time it was mostly about summer holidays. There were 5 kids, ages roughly 7 to 11, I think, and they were fantastic. All of them bright and polite and thoroughly delightful. (The round trip to/from Langley, as about 120 km.)