Friday, May 29, 2015

an agency with help with query letters

This agency has an interesting blog that I follow, and some very good help with writing query letters. It is Nelson Literary Agency .  Worth spending time in this site, checking out the blogs and their comments.

another literary agent

This time I'm actually a day EARLIER than my planned post because I expect to be too busy tomorrow to do much in the way of looking up agents' websites. So, today I looked at The Red Sofa Literary Agency . I looked up "submissions" on that site, and printed out the information. I got twelve pages that I'll have to go through carefully so as to decide if there is an agent there who might be interested in my work. Meanwhile, I must go back and get some of that writing work ready for submission. But first, one more agency website to look up for my next post.

Monday, May 25, 2015

May 2015 continued

The second agency I looked at today is Stonesong. I recognize one of their authors as someone I think used to be a colleague of mine when I was teaching at Vancouver Community College. Michael Buckley.

 That link seemed to work, so I don't know what the problem was with the other agency's link I tried to use in the previous blog post. I tried it again just now and it still says I don't have access to that browser. Hmm.

Computers will always be a mystery to me, even though I've been using them on a daily basis since I bought my first "TRS 80" in 1984. For that one, I had to write my own program in a language called "Basic" before I could do anything with it at all. It had to be connected to a tape recorder and a TV set, too. Dinosaur days.

May hits and misses

Again (and this is getting really old) I'm rushing to get my monthly message in. I was hoping to do this on a weekly basis, and still hope to move in that direction, but life has a very bad habit of getting in the way of best laid plans!
One of the plans I had was to blog about agents' and publishers' websites. So far, I think I've mentioned only two.  So, today I have two more.
The first one looks quite promising for my purposes because I've met two of the authors, Alison Acheson and Nikki Tate.
I met Nikki in Bologna, Italy, at the Children's Book Fair, where I was helping to man the SCBWI booth. I had brought Nikki's promotional materials--bookmarks, etc., and was displaying them for her.
I met Alison at UBC earlier this year, where she was giving a lecture on children's writing. The course was Creative Writing 203. I later signed up for 303, expecting her to be the instructor. However, she was teaching a section at an inconvenient (for me) time, so I took the course from Maggie De Vries, who had also instructed 203. I had a chance to chat with Alison because I know her through one or two listservs to do with SCBWI. She'll be teaching CrWr 353 next January, and I plan to sign up for that course.
Nikki and Alison both have Amy Tompkins as their agent, at Transatlantic Agency, I would have put that in as link, but for some reason my computer has decided that I "don't have access to that browser"--whatever that means. So, please just copy the URL into YOUR browser and maybe you'll have better luck. Apparently my browser is a dud.
More about the second agency in the next blog post.