Thursday, December 10, 2015

deck of cards song

Just thinking of this song that I love so much. I'm not much interested in cowboys or soldiers, but this explanation of a deck of cards is worth remembering. Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

time flies! December already

For a while, I was doing so well! Posting with a degree of regularity. Then, somehow, that stopped. I won't try to catch up September, October, November and December. One third of the year! What I will do is tell you that I have been writing. I've changed viewpoints a couple of times, and format, and of course even the title. The story remains the same. It's the contemporary young adult mystery, now called House of Secrets. I pitched the story to an agent at the Surrey International Writers' Convention in October, and she has asked for 100 pages and a synopsis. She also wanted me to raise the protagonist's age from 13 to 16. Makes sense, of course, but also requires some rethinking of parts of the story. That's okay. But it's keeping me busy. Especially since I sort of suggested she could have the 100 pages and synopsis by the end of the year. Um, that's about two weeks.
Oh, and in addition, my husband's physical condition has deteriorated to such a point that we are compelled to sell our house and move. The real estate agent wants to show the house in mid-January. We've lived here for 44 years (as of the Ides of March), and ... well, you figure it out!
Blogging has not been #1 on my to do list.
Also, I'm trying to keep up with my Franciscan obligations!