Wednesday, July 16, 2014

yesterday's email

In my email yesterday I received the kind of letter every writer hopes for: a message from Chicken Soup for the Soul saying that my article, "Angels on the M4" had made it to the last step before actual acceptance.  I just had to fill in a form and submit it.  I did that.  I also have to print the form out and sign it--so I've got that done except for sending it off.  I think they want it faxed and my fax machine is dead, unfortunately (is was a dinosaur).  So, here I am typing with my fingers crossed!

yesterday's facebook message

Archbishop Desmond Tutu's name came up on my facebook page for some reason, and I decided to click on it and send him a message.  (Isn't the internet amazing?)
I said that when I had learned that he was a member of the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis, I was especially delighted as my husband and I had been professed as Tertiaries in 2009.
He sent me a private message, saying "How wonderful" and then asked how my family was.  Of course, I had to reply to his question!  Imagine, me, chatting with Desmond Tutu!

yesterday's mail

A few months ago, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were visiting Canada, and I saw on TV a performance given for their entertainment which I found offensive.  And, given the sour faces on the royal couple, I think they were offended.  (A female impersonator impersonating the queen--maybe funny in some circles, but not my taste and not to be shown for the queen's son. IMHO.)  Anyway, I sent the prince a letter apologizing for the inappropriate performance, stating that although it was probably not intended as an insult to the queen, nevertheless I thought it in poor taste.  I also mentioned that I'd briefly met the duchess in Vancouver on a chilly November day and hoped they'd return sometime when the weather would be more welcoming.
So: yesterday, I received a very nice letter from the Prince of Wales.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A special day in July

Today is our 58th wedding anniversary.  Not doing anything special to celebrate, I suppose.  But that will be different 2 years from now, our diamond anniversary.  Hoping for a letter from the queen that year. :)