Friday, July 17, 2015

a few agents

Looking through my email, I found an interesting reference that might be useful: The Manuscript Wishlist . I found it in, hmm, have to go find the name of the email message where I got it. Be right back with that!  Aha! Here it is: I got it from the Writer's Digest listserv. Brian A. Klems, online editor, announced a twitter event set for Tuesday, July 21st, with an agent ready for pitches and someone else chatting. The Manuscript Wishlist was the hashtag (?).  I have a twitter account, and I've been known to retwit, but I don't really know how to tweet, etc. So my apologies to all who follow me on twitter, especially if you expect to hear from me that way. I prefer straight email or maybe facebook. Other than that, telephones work best for me. What a Luddite I am!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

another literary agency

Just a quick look at another literary agency that might be a possibility for my work: that is the Irene Goodman Literary Agency .  I like her idea of the Power Summit to help an author's career progress. Irene is interested in middle grade and YA and historical fiction, all of which interest me. She is also interested in "Francophilia"--hmm. Maybe something there.
Others in her agency are Beth and Barbara who have interests I don't share, but Rachel looks for young adult and new adult, also mysteries and thrillers--and "well-written narrative nonfiction."