Friday, July 17, 2015

a few agents

Looking through my email, I found an interesting reference that might be useful: The Manuscript Wishlist . I found it in, hmm, have to go find the name of the email message where I got it. Be right back with that!  Aha! Here it is: I got it from the Writer's Digest listserv. Brian A. Klems, online editor, announced a twitter event set for Tuesday, July 21st, with an agent ready for pitches and someone else chatting. The Manuscript Wishlist was the hashtag (?).  I have a twitter account, and I've been known to retwit, but I don't really know how to tweet, etc. So my apologies to all who follow me on twitter, especially if you expect to hear from me that way. I prefer straight email or maybe facebook. Other than that, telephones work best for me. What a Luddite I am!

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