Monday, February 9, 2015

another writing course

In January, despite all that's been going on (see previous blog post), I signed up for yet another writing course: Creative Writing 303, again about writing for children. This time, instead of short stories and picture books, we have to write a novel for middle grade or young adult--my main interest!  However, rather than work on something in progress (I have a couple of those, at least) we have to write something new. That's okay. I can always transfer what I'm learning while working on this one to the others that are on the back burner for now.

missed January

Not a very good start to 2015! Missing the first month of the year altogether! However, I guess there have been mitigating circumstances.
The second half of 2014 was occupied with my husband's health: first pneumonia which led to the discovery of lung cancer, then a TIA which may have been part of that. Then the last part of the year was filled with his thoracic surgery and hearing the beautiful words, "Cancer free"!  That good news was followed with the devastating event of him suddenly going blind.  Giant Cell Arteritis, is the new name we've had to learn. That's what attacked the optic nerve in his only eye (his left eye is artificial), and blinded him. Thanks to many prayers and massive doses of prednisone, some of his sight has returned.  But having a blind husband puts a whole lot of new responsibilities on my shoulders.  Whereas for decades I've relied on him to chauffeur me here and there, now I'm the chauffeur, the secretary, the cook, the nurse, etc., etc.  All the while, we're trying to live normal lives--me with my volunteering and writing, and him with his assorted activities all of which have been put on hold.
Yesterday, I took him to a Family Respite Centre, where he's spending three nights to give me a couple of days of rest. It's a nice place. Our eldest son spent a few nights there a month or two before he died of cancer.
So today I'm just doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Hence the blog entry--trying to catch up, as always!