Monday, May 25, 2015

May hits and misses

Again (and this is getting really old) I'm rushing to get my monthly message in. I was hoping to do this on a weekly basis, and still hope to move in that direction, but life has a very bad habit of getting in the way of best laid plans!
One of the plans I had was to blog about agents' and publishers' websites. So far, I think I've mentioned only two.  So, today I have two more.
The first one looks quite promising for my purposes because I've met two of the authors, Alison Acheson and Nikki Tate.
I met Nikki in Bologna, Italy, at the Children's Book Fair, where I was helping to man the SCBWI booth. I had brought Nikki's promotional materials--bookmarks, etc., and was displaying them for her.
I met Alison at UBC earlier this year, where she was giving a lecture on children's writing. The course was Creative Writing 203. I later signed up for 303, expecting her to be the instructor. However, she was teaching a section at an inconvenient (for me) time, so I took the course from Maggie De Vries, who had also instructed 203. I had a chance to chat with Alison because I know her through one or two listservs to do with SCBWI. She'll be teaching CrWr 353 next January, and I plan to sign up for that course.
Nikki and Alison both have Amy Tompkins as their agent, at Transatlantic Agency, I would have put that in as link, but for some reason my computer has decided that I "don't have access to that browser"--whatever that means. So, please just copy the URL into YOUR browser and maybe you'll have better luck. Apparently my browser is a dud.
More about the second agency in the next blog post.

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