Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Each year in May, my husband and I go on retreat to Rivendell Christian Retreat Centre on Bowen Island, a one hour journey from our home, by car and ferry.  It is a Franciscan duty to go on retreat at least once a year.  We choose this time of year because it honours the memory of our grandson who drowned on May 22, 2005.  Part of the time,we spend in silence, but it is usually not a "silent retreat".  Rivendell is a lovely place, on an island with mountains and tall evergreen trees.  The building has several places to sit and be quiet.  No TV.  No phones (although I confess to bringing my iPhone and checking email once a day).  However, I also use my iPhone to take pictures, and I have them here now.  They are of Hawthorne Room, which houses the tiny library.  Guests are invited to light a fire and read in the room or take a book to another room to read.  I found Hawthorne a comfortable place to write my journal, or read or knit in the peaceful hours of the early morning. 

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