Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day 2012

Every year I set out to make new year's resolutions and then promptly forget all about them.  I'm sure they're all listed in this blog for the last two or three years.  Not so this year.  I resolve only to live my life to the best of my ability--exercising and eating sensibly, writing regularly, and so on.  This year, I spent some time looking back over my life to see what it is that I have against Christmas.  I do love the music and the lights and sending cards with our newsletter--but really other than Advent prayers and attending the special church services, I hardly notice when December 25 arrives or has passed.  I found that by looking at the Christmasses of my childhood, there were only seven years when we actually had a traditional day--with our own tree and with turkey dinner, etc.  For me, traditional Christmasses began when I got married and made them myself. 

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