Thursday, July 12, 2012

trying to write

The "nanorhythm" writing method lasted a while and then fizzled out.  It's not that I'm especially busy, it's just that I can't tell from one minute to the next when I'm going to be busy.  Ken keeps track of his meds pretty well, but there's one procedure (a Fentanyl patch) that has to be changed every 72 hours.  Seventy-two hour blocks have never been part of my life, so they have been missed a few times.  This is serious because they are pain blockers for my son, and when we (he and I) forget that "today is patch day", then he wakes up in pain.  ----- Now is a good example of what I started to say--about being busy unexpectedly from time to time.  Here I am, sitting at the computer, getting ready to blog, hoping to get the writing juices flowing if only a little, and the phone rings.  It's Ken.  He'd like a yogurt, and the creamsicle that's in his freezer and the orange crush in his fridge.  He's going to make himself a float with the creamsicle and crush.  I'm delighted to jump up and oblige, because it means he's going to eat a few calories.  So, I'm back now, and am about to leave off blogging for a while (you know that could be for quite a while) and maybe get some writing done.  I still haven't visited my novel for several weeks, or is it months.  Can't be helped.

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