Friday, November 16, 2012

short story submission

Struggling to write, I thought I'd try nanowrimo again.  However, writing 2000 words a day hasn't happened.  No surprise there. 
Yesterday, though, I did finally write a short story I'd been trying to write for a couple of months with no success.  The characters I tried to get going refused to cooperate.  Then a couple of days ago a character popped into my head and the story got going.  I completed it yesterday in time for the monthly critique meeting that meets in my home.  I got some feed-back and before I went to bed last night I had brushed up the story and submitted it to the Children's Writer competition.  It's a Young Adults short story called "Waves", about 1300 words.  The competition required a maximum of 1500 words, and today was the deadline.  So, I was within the word maximum and before the deadline.  Now--I just have to wait until (forget when) to find out if it met the rest of the requirements.  Hope.
Maybe one day soon I'll be able to get back to writing on my novels and my non-ficiton book that's been in the works for a few years.

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