Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year 2013

This time last year I posted here that I planned to ... well, it doesn't matter what I planned.  The year went ahead as one of the worst in my life. Soon after that post, my second son was diagnosed with lung cancer, and for the next eight months I struggled with trying to deal with his needs--up to and including holding his hand as he drew his last breath.  His elder brother died of cancer in 2005.  No, it doesn't get easier; no you don't get over it.  Getting through it is the best you can hope for. 
Ken died on August 14, 2012, at 2:05 pm.  I still keep looking for him, expecting to see him or hear from him.  Now we have three surviving children, all living about 500 km away.  Thank God for grandchildren!
This coming Saturday, we'll be celebrating Epiphany (1 day early) and I'm expecting one son and lots of grandchildren to come for our usual festivities: brunch & silly gifts.  Ken will be conspicuous by his absence because he's always been front & centre with his special gifts for the kids. 
Praying for a better year this year.  No resolutions.  (Although, I'm back on my Jenny Craig regime and have already lost 10 lbs.)

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