Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Soul--Touched by an Angel goes to print

It's confirmed.  My story (the title has been changed from "Angels on the M4" to "Pilgrim's Proof") is in the October book.  It's always very exciting to have something accepted for publication, especially when the publisher is so highly regarded, but this is the best ever for me--so far, I do have high hopes!
What amazes me most about the communication I've received from the publisher is the list of suggestions for promoting the book and my story: book signings in book stores is the biggest on the list that I could hope for; maybe a write-up in a local paper.  But the suggestion of TV interviews is a bit beyond me, I'm afraid.  However, one never knows.  It all makes me feel like a celebrity. :))
It does encourage me to get on with my novel-writing.  I'm enjoying that, too, more than ever.

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