Monday, November 24, 2008


This morning I got a phone call from a lady I've spoken to only once or twice before. She's a member of the Squamish Band (Nation) in North Vancouver. I wanted to visit her church and get some more information about the Squamish involvement in the Vancouver Fire of 1886, the setting for one of my novels. However, it seems that all the historical information about the Squamish rescue efforts are subjects of songs and stories belonging to individuals in their tradition. It's not for outsiders. So, my historical fiction is going to be more fiction than historical in the couple of chapters I have set for the Squamish heroes. It's sad, for me and for others who are interested in that sort of history, but I respect their "copyright" tradition. I'll look elsewhere for something similar that will neither trespass on their rights nor misrepresent their culture.

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