Saturday, November 15, 2008

Writing for kids

So, I set out to learn how to write for kids. Why? Because the books I like best are kids' books. And when I was about 10 or 11, I lived in London, England, where although they already had television (1950ish), you had to pay for a licence to listen to the radio. We could not only not afford a TV, neither could we even afford the licence to listen to a radio. I had a record player. But I owned only ten records, single songs on 78 rpm records, that's about 1 minute each. Imagine listening to the same records (double sides gives 20 minutes worth of listening) over and over. I had no siblings and few friends, because we kept moving. Hence my love affair with public libraries. My favourite author was Richmal Crompton, who wrote the William books. In 1950 these books were already "old fashioned." They were written and set in the 1920s, nevertheless I loved them. They were funny and they probably saved my sanity. I remember being extremely grateful to Richmal Crompton for giving her time and talent to entertain children. She is my inspiration.

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