Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3rd of 5 hard questions

The third question asks what makes us come back to our favourite genres. With the books I've used as examples, it's the character. We care about Harry Potter and about William, (odd--I just noticed that these names are the same as the two princes--coincidence!). In my favourite adult books, the Anne Perry mysteries, I care about the detective, Monk. The same goes for other mysteries, which seem to run in series rather than stand-alone books. My three favourite types of books (genres?) are 1. children's books, especially middle-grade fiction. Harry Potter is the only fantasy that I like. Normally, I prefer historical middle-grade. 2. adult mysteries, especially Anne Perry and Dick Francis. 3. history, especially biographies. So, why do I keep returning to these genres? I love kids' books because they are usually better written than adult fiction. Adults put up with long boring sections (we just skip over them, right?). Kids toss the books aside at the first long-winded passage because they can't guess how long the nonsense will carry on. I enjoy mysteries, because they demand that I pay attention to every word. If I don't, I could miss a valuable clue. So, in both these cases, I guess that the rule is not to waste words! As for history and biographies, I just like to know how things used to be and how people lived in by-gone days.

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