Sunday, November 8, 2009

Van Dusen Gardens

Yesterday I went to Vandusen Gardens to see Camilla, the duchess of Cornwall. Prince Charles was downtown doing something, so poor Camilla was given a wet and soggy walk in a garden. Not a good activity for November. She shook my hand twice. Once on her way to plant a tree, and once again on her way back from planting the tree. Then, she was taken to a tent and given a cup of tea--she didn't even get to sit down--just had to shake more hands while she drank her tea. (I could see her through the plastic wall of the tent.)
Went back today, and took out a membership in the VBGA. It seems to be a nice place to stroll, and I need the exercise. I love walking, but I hate walking without a destination or a goal. It's boring. Hopefully, now that I have this membership, I'll walk outside more often and not spend so much time just sitting in front of the computer or the television. Or reading, but that's a good thing to do.

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