Saturday, January 30, 2010

travel count down 2 more sleeps

Two more sleeps! Nowhere near ready! But, some major accomplishments achieved, not least of which is the completion of "tweaking" my novel. It is now all printed and in the mail to Formac Lorimer Books. (See James Lorimer link). Every post office clerk has a different idea of how a manuscript ought to be mailed. Today, I had to buy two express envelopes, one for the SASE and one to hold the ms, etc. So, may angels go with my Angels in the Flames! I've done all I can do with it for now.
The only other "major" accomplishments were getting my hair cut and returning my library books. I would like to say that the library books had been more help than they were. Actually, they weren't books, they were Arabic lessons on CDs, tapes & videos (with 2 manuals). I can't say I learned very much at all. I've doubled my Arabic vocabulary, though. Now I know two words. I knew "sala'am" before, and now I also know "shukran". Wow! That'll be quite a conversation. "Hello. Thank you." Wait! Tripled! I know how to say "no"--it's "la". But if you say it as they do in Saudi Arabia, it might be like "la, la, la", but in Egypt like "la' " with a glottal stop at the end. Very helpful. I'm not going to either Saudi Arabia or Egypt! I wonder how they say it in Israel/Palestine. I've been advised to avoid both names for that place and just refer to it as "The Holy Land". Apparently, everyone agrees on that designation. Nice that we all agree on something!

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