Sunday, January 24, 2010

travel count down week 1

This time next week I'll likely be panicking that my packing isn't done. It never is really finished until the last moment. This week will be super busy, too. Tomorrow isn't too bad, but Tuesday I'll be in the kindergarten class for the first time this year--and won't get back to those little folks until at least March, more likely April. Wednesday morning is the school visit with the UBC Farm class. The next time with them after that will be March 17th, the day after I get back from the trip. If I'm not totally jet lagged, I'll be there. Then this coming Thursday, I have a doctor's appointment at a time when I would normally be in church; Thursday evening is the Vancouver History lecture night. I'd like to go to that. Friday morning, too, I have another doctor's appointment, and Friday evening I'm tutoring ESL. Saturday morning I have to get my hair cut. Then there's Sunday followed by the day we leave.
We leave Monday, February 1st, we'll be at Heathrow for about 7 hours--February 2nd; and we'll arrive in Israel on February 3rd. A very long journey!

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