Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday School lesson

Today I was teaching a Sunday School lesson about what one of my seminary profs called "The Picnic on the Beach". It's John 21:1-19, where the disciples have been fishing all night without success, and Jesus appears and sends them back to try again. This time they come back with a net full of fish (153 fish; apparently there's some significance to the number but I don't know what it is). And the result is the disciples and Jesus have a nice breakfast together. They didn't recognize Jesus at first, which is also remarkable since this is his third appearance to them since his crucifixion. The children were most impressed with the photos of the location of this beach picnic, the Sea of Galilee (aka Lake Tiberius or Lake Gennereset). The red on the left side of the picture is my jacket. We were at a restaurant at the Sea of Galilee having lunch (fish, of course) on February 8, 2010, my son's birthday. We phoned him from there, and he was appropriately impressed!

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