Sunday, June 6, 2010

day 2 in the Holy Land

Our second day in the Holy Land was a day of traveling. We went (by taxi) south from Jerusalem to Hebron and then to Bethlehem: our first foray into Palestine. We had been warned that it could be dangerous. We didn't see any danger, but we did see lots of soldiers with guns. It was a bit tense at the border stops. Our Arab driver became very submissive in attitude when speaking to the authorities at the check point. Our passports were examined closely and returned to us without comment. Our driver was allowed to pass. By the side of the road, we noticed an Arab woman who had been refused entry. She had to stand and wait for someone to give her a ride. We drove into Hebron, but finding a parking space was not easy. The driver dropped us at the steps leading up to the building that housed Abraham's tomb. A soldier stopped my husband and me, and asked, "Are you Christians?" We answered, "Yes." He said, "Good." And let us pass. At the top of the stairs we entered an area that seemed to me to be a Yeshiva (a Jewish university, maybe) or perhaps just a library. On the right, there was a small grilled window with through which we could glimpse Abraham's tomb.

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