Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I am a regular contributor to the parish magazine, Pax. I think that visitors to this blog can access that magazine by clicking on the link to St. James, and then finding the link to the magazine from there. I have articles in all the copies except one. The deadline for that issue occurred while I was traveling in Israel and the UK, and although I had been asked to write an article I knew I couldn't do it under those circumstances. So, I guess I missed the Easter 2010 issue. Because I'm a volunteer contributor, that is, writers for Pax don't get paid, I've never counted it as "real" writing. But I suppose I should count it. Before Pax came along, I was a regular contributor to its predecessor, Cornerstone. That one was a prize-winning publication. I don't know what prizes it won, I only know that the magazine had won something at sometime. It's an honour to write for these publications. By the way, back issues of Cornerstone are also available by clicking on the St. James link, I believe.

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