Sunday, September 5, 2010

new era

I'm entering a new era in my life.  Since 1971, our family's spiritual home has been St. James Anglican Church, at the corner of Cordova and Gore, in Vancouver.  This morning, my husband and I went to Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican) for the first time.  Changing churches is an emotional jolt, especially after almost forty years in the same place.  It's personal and very painful, but briefly the reason for our departure from St. James is financial.  We can't afford the parking charges!  Can you imagine?  We can't afford to go to our home church.  I never thought I'd ever have to say that!  Our children went to Sunday School, married and had their children baptized at St. James.  My husband and I reaffirmed our wedding vows there on our silver anniversary.  Our eldest son and his wife reaffirmed their vows on their twentieth anniversary, because they doubted he would live to his twenty-fifth.  He did, but a couple of months before their 25th, their son drowned and three months after the anniversary, my son died (of cancer).  Their funerals were at St. James.  We always expected that our funerals would be there, too.  But I guess not, now.  This is the saddest and most personal note I've published here.  I hope I never have another like it.
I've added the cathedral's link on this site.


Yaya' s Home said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That sounds like a heartbreaking reason to hafta' change churches. It never occurred to me that a church would charge parking fees. Please accept my heartfelt hug.

~ Yaya

Rebecca said...

New to your blog, Diane. Astounded about parking this on-street? I guess meters don't take a day off?
Seriously, what a terrible thing. I can relate, somewhat....having to leave your home church.

from a fellow writer, retired, Anglican!