Tuesday, December 14, 2010

updating my writing life

I'm procrastinating again.  I should be working on that play, The Wolf and the Saint, so that I can send it to the people who asked for it MONTHS ago!  The problem is that when I wrote it, and with each rewrite, etc., I kept each scene in a separate file.  Then, I think I probably moved each of the three scenes per act into one file per act.  Now, I want to put the whole thing into one file, so that when I email it to people they don't have to download twelve files--or even just four files.  It could all be in one click.  But, of course, everytime I see one of the scenes, I tweak it a bit.  And as I move each newly tweaked scene into the correct act file, and then move the completed act file into the whole play file, I'm thoroughly spent!  So, I do a little at a time, otherwise I'd make humungous errors that would likely go uncorrected.  That could really mess up the works.  Also, once I've got it all in one file, then I have to go through it and put it in sections so that the headings will correctly identify the acts, scenes and pages.  This is not easy, folks!
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to keep up with publishing something in Suite 101 at least once a week.  And I've started with Squidoo.com.  Still learning what this web presence is all about.

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