Tuesday, December 28, 2010

writing the play

I've been working on this play one way or another since the beginning of April this year.  Thought I'd finished in August when it was given a dramatic reading at the Franciscan convocation, and then produced and performed at the Vacation Bible School at St. James Anglican Church at the end of August.  But, to get it ready to go to a publisher, the pages have to be just so--and that's different from an ordinary manuscript.  The headings have to be just so.  And that means I've had to learn how to divide my ms into sections.  Okay.  Did that. But microsoft promises that it is possible to have different headers for each section.  And I need to do that so that the whole play isn't labelled "ACT I scene 1" and paginated from page one all the way to page 79.  I need to have some pages labelled ACT II, and III, and IV, and have scenes labelled appropriately within each act.  One publisher likes to have all the pages 1 through 79; another publisher wants each act to be paginated individually.  If I ever learn how to change the acts/scenes, that will be good, but I'll never be able to paginate 1 to 79 if I do that.  grrrr.  Writing the play was the easy part!

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