Wednesday, March 9, 2011

book reviewing tips

Now that I've written a few book reviews, I feel I should share some tips I've found for writing them.  So far the only reviews I've published have been on Suite 101, which has word limitations, no fewer than 400 and no more than 1000.  Some of the reviews I've done, I've felt should have been shorter and so I've padded them, others could have gone on longer and I've had to cut out parts I would have preferred to leave in.  Anyway, click on the links and see what others have to say as to how this job should be done.  I like what the Los Angeles Valley College link has to say about there being "no right way" to do it.  Still, I find it useful to see what others suggest and go from there.  Writing book reviews is an excellent way to see what editors and publishers look for when reading my manuscripts. 

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