Monday, March 7, 2011

reading the SideStreet series published by Lorimer

I was able to get two SideStreet books from the library: New Blood by Peter McPhee, and Final Takedown by Brent R. Sherrard.  I've finished Sherrard's book.  Really good.  Quite different from other books I've read.  I've just started the other book, and it's different again, so far.  Very edgy, both of them.  Could I write one?  Don't know.  I'll give it a try.  Right now I'm working on two other novels and have other projects on the back burners, too.  Coteau still has Angels, and Baker has the play.  Slow going on Suite 101 right now, but that's okay.  Squidoo is on hold, too.  Can't do everything all at once.

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