Wednesday, November 9, 2011

another disappointment

I got another rejection letter today.  Dundurn didn't find my historical novel right for them.  Okay.  I'm glad they were quick to respond.  I really hate waiting!  (Doesn't everyone?)  But also just don't like to send out simultaneous submissions.  I may have to change my tune on that.  Anyway, I have two more publishers on my list: Kids Can Press and Annick Press.  KCP says they accept sim subs if identified, and Annick doesn't mention sim subs in their guidelines.  Hmm.  What to do!  I'll have to print out sample chapters of Angels in the Flames and write up fresh cover letters and see what happens.  Can't have that ms sitting around here doing nothing.  I wonder if I should do another rewrite. 
Meanwhile, I'm working on a young adult murder mystery.  I read that Dahl (can't spell his first name without looking it up) used to give himself a year to write a book.  I've been working on the YA novel since last May, and hope to have it all "down" by the end of December and then spend the next few months, to May 2012, to get it ready to send out.  I have the outlines done for two sequels, so I'll start the next one as soon as the first is sent out. 
Seriously thinking about getting an agent.

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