Sunday, November 27, 2011

pick myself off, dust myself off, and start all over again

Not quite all over again--I have reviewed Angels in the Flames, and tweeked it, as I always do, but not started all over again as I have done on one or two other occasions.  No.  Just a bit of tweeking and yesterday I sent it off to three more Canadian publishers: Annick Press, Groundwood, and Kids Can Press, all in Toronto. I started off with western Canadian publishers, seeing as how the story is set in Vancouver.  Then moved eastward.  I don't like simultaneous submissions, but I thought I'd try it once more and hope for the best.  So, once more typing with crossed fingers.  I also have an article at BC Parent News, and am waiting to hear from them. And my play is with the artistic director at Christ Church Cathedral; I hope something comes of that, too.  So: three irons in the fire.  Someone once said that to be a successful writer, you need to have twelve irons in the fire.  I guess it will be a long time before I'm a "successful" writer.  For now, I'm just a struggling writer, like gazillions of others.

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