Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Prague 2

One of the tours our travel agent set up for us sounded quite interesting. She did tell us about this one. It was a sort of folklore evening of music, dancing and dinner. That was a good one, even though there was a very steep incline up to the many stairs into the building. It took my son, the driver, and several of the patrons of the establishment to get my husband up and into the building and, at the end of the evening, back down again. With all the attention focussed, rightfully, on him, I had a really tough time slipping and sliding down the icy stairs on my own. The travel agent had promised that all venues were wheelchair accessible. Well, maybe if she had shared some of the responsibility of choosing activities, I might have spotted some difficulties. But, of course, the details were none of my business. As long as I kept that credit card coming. After all, there's that commission to consider.
We went on the next tour. It sounded vaguely interesting--a tour of two castles in Southern Bohemia. Accessible? Well, yes, I guess so. Of course, it took the tour guide and another tourist to help my son get the wheelchair up some steep inclines and down (more treacherous than going up) the same inclines. Impossible without the help of that gracious tourist from China. I'm sure he didn't come to the Czech Republic all the way from China to push some Canadian invalid up and down castle passageways. The castles? I can't remember the names right now, but they weren't very memorable anyway.
So, that was Prague. It never was on my bucket list, so I don't even get to cross it off.

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