Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Prague was very nice, despite the fact that it was January, and rather cold. Snow on the ground in some places.
Our travel agent had set us up in a nice hotel, The Grand Majestic Plaza. Not quite as grand as its name, but clean and pleasant and it tried to be fancy. For example, in the lobby there's a tall fountain coming out of the ceiling into a pond. Until you get up close and find that the pond is dry and so is the fountain--just strips of clear plastic that shimmers like water. Neat trick.
The rooms (we had two, one for my husband and myself and a second for our son), were clean and comfortable. It had a minibar, which I used as a fridge in which to keep one of my husband's medications that is supposed to be refrigerated--didn't happen for most of the trip, of course.
Breakfast was included, and was better than most hotel breakfasts. Excellent omelets!
But when we came to use the same area, the restaurant, for supper that evening we found the prices to be quite out of line, IMHO.
However, there was a cute little pub across the street.
Our travel agent had also signed us up for some tours. Tours? Tours? When did she mention tours? I didn't ask for tours. But of course, the details of our trip were none of my business.  By the way, I was the one who did all the arranging of the trip because my husband is partially blind and partially deaf. It doesn't make sense for him to try to handle details. They were none of his business, either, of course. And there was the matter of her commission.
There were four tours arranged for us. The first was an introductory tour of the city, culminating with a river cruise. January. Snow. Twenty steps down to the river to board the boat and another twenty steps up to the city. My husband is in a wheelchair. We didn't go on the river cruise. Instead we asked the driver to drive us back to our hotel--which was not included in the tour.
The second tour we cancelled outright because is was an all-day ordeal of visiting glass and porcelain places. Not happening.
Instead, we hired a taxi to take us to a place the travel agent had not considered--even though she knew we were Franciscans and she often spoke of her own association with the Roman Catholic Church. We went to the Church of Mary Victorious to see the famous Infant of Prague.

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