Tuesday, January 27, 2009

catching up

It's not like I'm busy! I read a little, I watch tv a little, and I write a little. Too little. And some days (not today) I walk a little. Today it snowed again, and here we thought we were through with that stuff. The forecasters say that this will be more typical of Vancouver snow: just a dusting and then rains away the next day. Sure hope so! The past week has been sometimes fog and sometimes sun, but always cold. I'm ready for spring (but this is still January). We had planned to go to a movie today, but the snow was a good excuse to pass on that. We wanted to see "The Reader" and then go to a discussion on the story at our favourite bookstore, "Vine & Fig". Guess I'll have to read the book, because we're not likely to chase down the movie.
Today I've been writing most of the day, trying to get my novel in shape to send to TouchWood before the end of the month. I had set January 15th as my deadline date, but having to rewrite the entire book is not very easy. And I want to have it just right for this submission.

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Loretta said...

Diane! You've got a Blogspot blog! I just love reading blogs. I also love writing in mine. I've done so every day this year so far! I'm trying to get back into the writing habit, as I'm so very lazy. I'm not good at setting routines, although I love routine. Isn't that weird?