Tuesday, January 13, 2009

long time no blog!

It's almost two weeks into the new year, and I've been neglecting my duty here. This year has not started off so well. Snowed in until just a day or two ago, I finally got to Church this Sunday. It was my day to teach Sunday School, teaching about the baptism of Jesus. The "activity" (if you can call it that) was to make hot chocolate. It had to be the sort that could be made by simply adding hot water, because the lesson was to prove that "a little water makes all the difference". It wasn't all that simple, because most hot chocolate mixes require hot MILK. I found the kind that claims to take just water, but it wasn't very good. The lesson went okay anyway. And then yesterday evening we had a meeting of Family Ministry members concerning the Sunday School curriculum and related issues. It was a good meeting, even if two of the six members were absent.

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