Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We had our family Epiphany brunch last Saturday. It was well-attended, even though the out-of-town members couldn't get here due to snowy highways. Even so, we were able to include them by telephone during the event. We had our usual brunch, eggs benedict with asparagus, cooked by my dear hubby. We played a gift game, a variation of the "circle game" we usually play. Then, I handed out the WorldVision catalogues and told the family that each of my children's families had $100 to "spend" as their gift from the Magi. They made their choices, the out-of-towners made their choices by phone, and I placed the order online. This is my way of giving gifts with the Magi, instead of by that evil elf who claims to live at the North Pole. That one, Old "Saint" Nick (really, Old Nick, because he is NOT a saint, definitely no connection to St. Nicholas whose feast day is December 6th), Old Nick teaches greed and deceit. The Magi gave gifts to Jesus at Epiphany, celebrated on January 6th. In our house, we totally ignore the commercial Christmas. We send cards to friends and loved ones, and go to Mass (except this year).

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