Saturday, March 28, 2009

research continues

When I first completed my novel, Angels in the Flames, I thought I had done all the research possible. I had found all the information there was about the Vancouver fire, 1886. But, having been asked to add more about the little boy in the story, I've found that I need to know a lot more about that strange afternoon. And I've been learning a lot lately. Yesterday and the day before, I spent many hours in the Special Collections of the Vancouver Public Library, researching the Squamish (Coast Salish) native people, the Chinese in Chinatown, and a town near the Squamish village, called Moodyville. So much rewriting to be done, and in so little time if I'm to keep my promised date of "by Easter". So the novel is still progressing, ever so slowly. Good thing I love research.

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