Thursday, October 15, 2009

correspondence with TouchWood Editions

It's hard to wait for word from a publisher. On one hand, I kept telling myself that no news was good news. Still, I waited to learn about the manuscript that was "in the hands of a reader". The editor had told me this, and said that I could contact her if I had questions. Well, I didn't have any special questions other than, "Will you publish my book?" Rather than be a nuisance, I waited from sending the ms in April until after the summer was over, mid-September. But I got no answer, so I tried again a couple of weeks later. Still no answer. With businesses closing and the economy in an uproar, I was no longer sure that no news was good news. So, a few days ago, I tried again, this time also asking if the editor was indeed getting my email messages. Turns out she was. She responded within minutes, apologizing for being so slow, and saying that my ms was "in the hands of a reader." I responded right away, expressing relief at having had an answer, and saying that I could wait. Yes, I can wait. But it still isn't easy!

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UB said...

Best of luck, let me know the result.