Sunday, October 25, 2009

day of rest

I'm taking the day off. I woke up this morning about 3 o'clock and made myself a cup of hot milk to get me back to sleep. Then I woke up again at 5, again at 6 and then the alarm went off at 6:30. The plan was to leave the house at 7:30 to go to matins and the early mass. Instead, I decided to roll over and go back to sleep. That didn't happen, but I did decide to take the day off even if I didn't sleep in. According to my Franciscan Rule, I'm supposed to attend Mass twice a week. Well, this week I went on Wednesday evening with the Franciscans to hear Brother Robert Hugh, then again on Thursday morning at St. James. So, although I usually try to make one of the two Masses a Sunday eucharist, it's not happening this week. Maybe today I can actually get a little bit of writing done. I spent all day yesterday at the Surrey Writers Conference, although not attending the conference. I just sat at the SCBWI table in the hall and chatted with friends while promoting the Society's work with children's literature. Gladys and I had a good visit, keeping one another company all day. And we chatted with several other people, especially Ken. It wasn't a "busy" day, but it was "out and about". Today, other than a visit this afternoon or evening to my friend in the hospice, I'm just going to do as I please. Oh, and I do have phone calls to make about the visitations, and I have a lesson to prepare for tomorrow. Not totally a day off after all.

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