Friday, October 23, 2009

a quick note

This month is as hectic as all the others, but it seems more so somehow. First, there's my tutoring schedule. It's only 8 hours a week, but it involves a lot of time on the road. An hour here, an hour there--or two hours. Then there's my volunteering, which isn't so much really. Just alternate Wednesday mornings at the UBC Farm, and one Sunday morning a month with the Sunday School. Kindergarten hasn't started for me yet, and I don't know if I'll be able to do much when it does, due to travel plans. (More on travel plans later.) But there's also the very sad duty of making daily visits to a friend who is in palliative care and not expected to live very long. We don't stay long with her, so we don't tire her out. Just pop in, massage her elbows and feet with lotion, maybe say a prayer with her if she wants us to, then she either dozes off or a meal comes or maybe another visitor. We leave then. Otherwise, besides a wonderful evening with Brother Robert, a First Order Friar from San Francisco the other night, it's been just everything as usual. No, I forgot! I'm also making daily phone calls and arranging visits for our parish visitations that must be completed this month. Oh yes, and there's writing, isn't there? And reading Harry Potter (the last book) and Anne of Green Gables (the first book). Gotta go now. Tutoring, etc.

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