Friday, August 27, 2010

the last day

Today was the last day of the Vacation Bible School at St. James. I'm so happy that it was a success. I started the ball rolling by writing the play, "The Wolf and the Saint: the Life of St. Francis of Assisi as told by the Wolf of Gubbio". One of the parishioners came forward a couple of months ago, and volunteered to do the crafts and games sections of the VBS. The crafts would be puppets for the show, and the games would work out kids' energy. The parish priest led prayer and praise sessions at the beginning and end of each day, and told a Gospel story every day. Another volunteer coordinated light healthy breakfasts and lunches for the kids when their parents & care-givers dropped them off and picked them up. My husband played the part of St. Francis in the play, and I was the wolf except on the last day. On that day, a boy who suffers from autism and didn't want to participate in much over the week, suddenly volunteered to play the part of the wolf in the performance for the parents. We did only Acts I & IV for them, but the wolf was onstage almost all the way through. It was wonderful to see this little boy take the part and do it so very well. I couldn't have done it better myself--honestly! We did only the two acts because with Acts II and III, it would have been double the length. However, much to my surprise an delight, the kids had enthusiastically requested that we do it all for their parents. Their response was very rewarding for me.

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