Friday, August 13, 2010

last weekend

Last Friday, my dh and I drove down the I-5 (my least favourite highway because of its odd entries and exits left and right) and went to a Franciscan Convocation. We don't go every year, so this was my fourth. The first was in Union (?) Washington, the second was in California, the third was one our fellowship hosted here in BC, and this one in Federal Way, Washington. Next year will be in California again, I think. We missed the big one in Boston. Just too pricey for us. The convocations are much too short! But, I guess if they were any longer we wouldn't be able to afford to hold them or to attend them. So, Friday evening until Sunday lunch is the best we can hope for. As Franciscans, we pray for one another daily, following a list such that each person gets prayed for one day a month. So, when we get to Convocations, we have the opportunity to put faces to many of the names we pray for each month. That helps with the prayers, too, because these faces pop up in our minds each day at prayer time. I have a particularly bad memory when it comes to attaching names to faces (I firmly believe that we should have name tags tattooed onto our foreheads at birth), so these meetings are very helpful. I see that one of my TSSF sisters has started to follow this blog! Thank you!

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