Thursday, November 11, 2010

category #1 b

Back to category #1, Faith & Franciscans, and tab b is, I guess, the second part of my Rule of Life, personal prayer.  (Don't worry about the categories and tabs; it's just a way I'm trying out to keep from blogging the same stuff all the time, and yet having some sort of continuity.)  Anyway, about personal prayer--obviously, it's personal.  But, it has some elements that must (according to the Franciscans) be included.  For one thing, every day I must say the daily office--either Morning Prayer (aka "Matins") or Evening Prayer (aka "Evensong").  Also, my personal prayers must include intercessions (praying for other people, especially those who have asked for my prayers) and meditation.  I'm okay with all of this, except meditation.  I really have trouble sitting quietly just "meditating".  I begin to think of other things.  Like, how I could be writing an article for suite 101 now.  Or I should be revising my novel to get it ready to send to that contest by December 31st, or I wonder if the mail has arrived yet.  I have trouble meditating.  So, I try to say the Rosary at least once a week.  The Rosary takes me 20 minutes.  That's all.  Really, why do I have so much trouble finding 20 minutes a week to meditate on the Rosary?  So, personal prayer has its challenges, too.  For me, at least.

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