Friday, November 5, 2010

web presence workshop

Last night I attended a workshop on developing a web presence.  When I started this blog a year or two back, I had the idea that this would be a good step towards that.  Well, maybe it was a baby-step.  I knew I didn't dare attempt a web page.  I'd done that a few times years ago, but they were never very great.  So, here is what I learned last night:
I'm on the right track with a blog, but I could be doing this a lot better than I am.  No surprise there.  I just might start another blog and set it up properly, although that might not be necessary.  I'm going to practise here. 
One of the things I'm doing right is writing for suite 101.  So far, I've heard nothing bad about that site.  Some writers complain that the money is slow coming in, but I never saw it as get rich quick.  I don't believe in get rich quick.  Suite 101 is a slow growing garden that will yield results in proportion to the effort, patience and perseverence a person puts into it. 
Facebook is another thing that is useful, but I'm not sure that I'm using that to the best advantage either.  "Shameless self promotion" doesn't come easily to Franciscans who are sworn to humility!  A bit of a conflict here, eh?  Anyway, similar to Facebook is Twitter.  I apparently have an account with Twitter.  I know that because some people have emailed me that they're following me on Twitter.  Hmm.  Must be hard to do that, and really boring, because I don't even know how to get started there, never mind be leading some sort of parade.
The workshop has a followup coming soon--maybe in January.  I'll have to go to that.  We've got homework!

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