Thursday, January 20, 2011

UBC Farm 1

Today was the fourth farm visit for the 2010-11 school year.  It was at the elementary school, where the children hosted us (the "farm friends" who volunteer to work with them).  The previous visits were at the farm, harvesting what the summer school children had planted, then cleaning up the beds and preparing them for the winter.  That meant being sure all the weeds were out, and only the plants that would likely survive the winter were left in the bed.  Then lots of compost was added, cardboard sheets lain over top and held down with branches.  That was back in October. 
Today, a snowy January day, we met at the school and went over the list of vegetables the children wanted to plant in their gardens this year.  These particular children had done this before in previous years, so were old hands at it.  Also, their teacher had reviewed all the things they needed to know, such as which plants are good companions and which aren't.  (For example, don't plant cauliflower next to potato.  But beans would be good companions for either one, so beans could possibly be planted between potatoes and cauliflower.) be continued...

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