Thursday, January 20, 2011

UBC Farm 2

At the school this morning, the farm friends had a reintroduction session, and a rundown of what the kids were to be able to do.  The kids showed up and were raring to go.  (Grade 5 & 6)  We had a scrabble-type game, first, as a warm up.  Each group had an envelope with little squares of coloured paper with letters on them.  The kids had to sort the letters into colour groups and arrange the letters to make words.  The words were, of course, vegetables.  The colours had meanings, too, though: red was for root vegetables, orange for cucurbitaceae (squash family), yellow for the allium (onion) family, green for leafy greens, blue for brassicaceae (cabbage family), black for peas and beans, white for herbs, and pink for flowers. 

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