Saturday, December 27, 2008


This was the first Christmas since 1952 that I did not attend Church, either at the Midnight Vigil Mass, which I usually attend at St. James, or at the Christmas morning Mass, which I rarely attend. But this year, no church at all on Christmas. The reason was simply the snow. We've had white Christmasses before, so while this is unusual, it's the first time snow has kept us in. When we lived on the Prairies, snow was with us from about Halloween right up to mid-April, and never kept us in. This was different. Even buses were in trouble, and some were either cancelled or rerouted. So, instead of attending Mass, I wrote my TSSF/novice report #24. It took me from 10:15pm (about the time they would have been reading the Gospel) right up to almost midnight (about the time Mass would have ended). I hadn't planned to spend Mass time doing my report; it just worked out that way.

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