Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday School

This morning I really didn't think I'd make it. There was snow on the ground and we don't have winter tires. However, the roads were well-salted and no trouble at all. We got to church at about 9am, so I had time to set up the Sunday School room and do some photocopying. We attended the 9:30 Sung Mass which ended about 10:30. Sunday School takes place during High Mass, which starts at 11:15. After Sung Mass, I went back to the Sunday School room and fine tuned the setting: set up the worship table with a purple cloth and advent candles, set out materials for activities (make tambourines &/or memory books). Also, as we were calling this a "baby shower for Mary", we had cookies and juice for the kids and a party atmosphere. And I set up my laptop to play background music. Father Mark was my partner today (we always team teach, one male & one female). He said he'd follow my lead, so I asked him to light the advent candles with the children, explaining each candle as it was lit. Then, the Gospel reading was the Magnificat, and he taught them that. Then we had our "party" and activities. A bit noisy and messy, but all in all quite successful, IMHO.

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