Sunday, December 7, 2008


The writer in residence and I have a meeting set. She has given me many points to ponder and angles to try. One being to write in the first person. I really dislike the first person in novels. I find it distracting because I am conscious that the writer is lying to me. Of course the writer is lying to me--it's called fiction because it is not true. But when there is a third person angle I can set aside my disbelief like a good fiction reader, and get on with the story. As a writer I feel I am not only "lying" (telling a fictitious story) but I'm also misrepresenting myself. Who can believe that I am an eleven-year-old girl in the 19th century? I can't! So how can I make this a believable story? Ah well, as I said before, it's a challenge. Now, am I up for it? I'd better be!

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