Sunday, May 24, 2009

birds and bees

Last week I went birding again. This time in Penticton with my daughter. It was the Meadowlark Festival. We had two birding mornings, first at Max Lake and then the next morning at Marron Valley. Other than a battle I nearly lost with a clay cliff that required climbing, the two events were great. Even the sighting of a young bear at Max Lake. Good thing we didn't bump into his mother! We capped the events with a relaxing cruise on Okanagan Lake. Spending time with my daughter Catherine and Bill, then with my son Steve and Monika and their children was a very happy way to spend a weekend. At the same time, I gave my hubby a few days on his own. :)
I returned home on the Sunday evening. I should have spent Tuesday morning at kindergarten. But unfortunately, the teacher is ill and is on health leave until next September. So, praying for her recovery, I hope I'll be back again next term.
On Wednesday morning, it was UBC farm with the grade five children. This week the lesson was about pollination, and we spent some time with the bees.

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